Freelance Runningtherapist

My name is Bé van Lotringen. I am a (sports-) psychologist NIP, vitality coach and running therapist. I am also an enthusiastic runner.
I live with my family and dog in Aalsmeer and I have a beautiful practice on the edge of the Amsterdamse Bos. The practice is located in the church in the old village of Amstelveen. The forest is a beautiful place to go out for a run or a walk.

As a psychologist and running therapist I prefer to choose my workplace in or close to nature. The light, the air and all the different kinds of colours support my vision that movement brings out a surprisingly positive power. I believe in motion. Motion gives space in your body and in your head. Running therapy is a special form of therapy, in which movement and breathing are the most important aspects of the therapy. Besides having conversations I use running as a method of recovery. With the help of breathing exercises (at rest and during the exercises) we investigate the ideal mode of movement. Together we make a personal step-by-step plan.

The therapy will be one-on-one but I can also give the therapy in small groups. Sometimes as a supplement to psychotherapy and sometimes as a coaching trajectory in which you like to explore your questions outside and in movement. I think it is important that you get to understand your problems and learn to deal better with pitfalls, which reduces complaints. I also help you to find skills and tools to deal with your problems independently. The form of counselling that will be chosen depends on the question and is established in consultation. The trajectories are tailor-made, depending on the situation and your needs.

Indications for running therapy are: depression, depressive feelings, mood swings, anxiety disorders, eating problems, mourning, psychosomatic complaints and symptoms of stress and burnout. for more information I refer you to my website: https://www.bevanlotringen.nl/