I was born in Zwolle and grew up in the east of the Netherlands. There, I inherited tranquillity, common sense, love of nature, music and a healthy dose of humour. For my clinical psychology studies, I moved to Groningen, where I lived and worked with great pleasure for years in various mental health institutions. In Groningen I also worked for Empower and now I get to be part of team Amsterdam in our beautiful practice on the Rokin. What appeals to me in Empower is the small scale, which means there is attention for the individual client as a human being. I also appreciate the great cooperation with our occupational therapists, which allows you to work on your problems in different ways. I think it’s great that at Empower we receive clients from all over the world.

In my work, I find it important to put you centre stage. Together with you, I will investigate why you are currently stuck and how I can best help you regain your strength. In order to work with you on your recovery, I do psycho-diagnostic research where necessary, for instance into complaints, personality, autism, ADHD or intelligence. I use various treatment methods, such as EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing); narrative exposure therapy (NET); cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT); COMET self-image training; acceptance commitment therapy (ACT) and mindfulness based cognitive therapy (MBCT). I always draw up a treatment plan together with clients in which I can provide information about treatment options from my expertise and you make a choice from your expertise of you and your (life) experience. So that you can recover and be your own authentic self, live by your values and feel connected to the people around you. It is important to me that you can be who you are and I often get back from people I work with that in therapy they felt accepted as they are.

BIG-number: 69929105125