I was born and raised in Bavaria, Germany. Having a dutch mother, I was always quite familiar with the Netherlands and the Dutch culture. At the age of nineteen I therefore decided to follow the international bachelor of psychology at the University of Groningen and the master of clinical psychology in Leiden. During the master I did an internship at the university hospital Charité in Berlin, department of neuropsychology. There I learned to plan, perform and evaluate neuropsychological research. After the master I followed a 4 year training in Bremen (Germany) to become a psychotherapist, which is now in process of being recognized in the Netherlands. During this training I worked as a psychologist in a psychiatric institution (department of severe, chronic depression) and in several ambulatory psychotherapeutic settings.
I will work for Empower Psychotherapy Groningen only for a limited time, particularly as a replacement for a colleague, who is on pregnancy leave.