Jelle Schutte

Clinical Psycholgist

My approach on mental healthcare is that one should reflect on oneself sufficiently without taking oneself too seriously. I try to let this perspective guide my therapy. Traumatic experiences, depressions and personality disorders can be life- disrupting but they can also give rise to look at one self in a critical way. Most times it is
possible with self-reflection and a bit self-mockery to make life a bit more bearable or comfortable. It can also help to have a stronger sense of choice in reaction to the things life has thrown or throws at you.

I have mainly worked within the specialist mental health care, in outpatient clinics, part-time treatments and clinics. Currently I have chosen to work with Empower because I appreciate the small scale and the attention to tailoring to the needs of the client here. As for my personal gain I like to broaden and deepen my knowledge about cultural factors in mental health. I am specialized in psychotrauma, personality disorders and eating disorders. Regarding therapeutic schools I am trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Schema Focused Therapy and Mentalization Based Treatment (MBT).

I, myself, hail from the Dutch countryside. Even though I am more of a city-man now provincial life gifted me a healthy dose of common sense and a straightforward approach to people. At Empower I try to be a therapist where people feel secure enough to look at the difficult parts of their mind but also feel enough confrontation to experience the necessity to change.

BIG number 29915300925