“I am”, and that is a fascinating and sometimes challenging fact of life. I help my clients to explore how to live their life. Therapy for me is about creating connections: with yourself, with others and with life as such.

I hold a PhD degree in clinical psychology and a Masters degree in social and developmental psychology. I completed a training in existential psychotherapy and counseling. Several other forms of psychotherapy were also part of my training, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness, Gestalt, psychoanalytic, and psychodrama. I help clients to find their own answers to problems through a relationship based on mutual respect, equality and empowerment. I specialize in working with expats and international students, and I have also worked with clients suffering from addiction.

I come from a mixed Slovenian – Croatian cultural background and have studied in Slovenia, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom. By now the Netherlands has become my third ‘home’. I give therapy in English, Dutch, Slovenian and Croatian.

GZ-psycholoog (Registered Health Care Psychologist)
PSYCHOLOOG NIP – Nederlandse Instituut van Psychologen (The Dutch Association of Psychologists)
Društvo Psihologov Slovenije (Slovenian Psychologists’ Association)