Marlinde van Veenendaal

Nurse Practitioner GGZ

My name is Marlinde van Veenendaal. I grew up in Groningen and have lived in Amsterdam since 2018. As a Nurse Practitioner GGZ (mental health care), I have worked both outpatient and clinical in forensic psychiatry, acute psychiatry and long-term care. I am experienced in working with people with anxiety and/or mood problems, psychotic vulnerability, ADHD and personality problems.

In the individual treatment conversations I have with clients, I work from a holistic vision in which I pay attention to body, mind and the social environment of the client. Self-management, “shared decision making” and own direction are aspects that I find important to use during the treatment.

In the Netherlands, the Nurse Practitioner GGZ is a relatively new professional group. Nurse Practitioners are originally HBO-trained BIG registered nurses who then completed a three-year, NVAO-accredited master’s programme, the Master Advanced Nursing Practice (MANP). After completing this study, the Master of Science (MSc) degree will be awarded as of 1 January 2014.

The Nurse Practitioner has the role of clinical expert and provides direct clients with care and protocol-based medical care. In addition, the nurse specialist is trained in conducting scientific research, promoting expertise and (team) coaching. The Nurse Practitioner is a professional registered under article 14.