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Clinical Psychologist

I was born and raised in the Netherlands. I came to Amsterdam to study psychology and never left. I feel at home in this multicultural and creative city. I myself have Latin – American roots, and with family spread all over the world I have always felt like a world citizen. Besides Empower, I have worked for many years at a psychotrauma expertise centre where I have gained extensive experience in working with traumatized people from all over the world and very different backgrounds.
In a treatment I like to walk next to you to work together for more insight, to make effective changes in your life and to feel more compassion for yourself. Every person can suffer from psychological complaints, usually due to a combination of factors, such as loss, illness, large and small traumas and behaviour patterns from your personality. Asking for help can be difficult because you feel vulnerable. As a practitioner I strive to make contact in a safe, honest and respectful way. So that within this contact you dare to come into your power. Effective treatment is done together

I am a registered clinical psychologist and psychotherapist. In the treatment I use different techniques including cognitive behavioral therapy, Acceptance and Commitment therapy, different trauma processing techniques (EMDR, Exposure, NET, BEP, BEP-TG) Schedule therapy, Affect phobia therapy, Mindfulness and body-centered exercises.

BIG numbers 19065311025 and 19065311016.