Mirjam Koops

Art therapist

In art therapy I use drawing, painting and modeling techniques. Each material has its own power and stimulates the balance between your thoughts, your feelings and your body.  Besides visual therapist I also work as mindfulness therapist.

Do you recognize this? You have a complaint, which can be physical or psychological and you want to understand where it comes from. You worry a bit, because this is how you think when you know what it is or where it comes from, you can solve it as quickly as possible. This is a normal thought. In our present time we would like to solve everything quickly. Yet the solution to your physical or psychological complaints is often not there.

During the art therapy and mindfulness I give you the opportunity to learn to be with what is there. This means that you will take the time to consciously focus your attention on what you encounter in yourself in the here and now. Exactly as it is at that moment. You don’t have to change anything and solve anything. You make contact with what is there. Without judging.

By transforming your complaint into an image, your pain becomes tangible, you can touch and feel it. You put it outside yourself and observe it. You learn to know the pain and to endure it better. This ensures that your fear of the pain decreases. Anaesthesia, avoidance, escape behaviour is no longer necessary to deal with the pain. This form of therapy helps you to calm your head and to start trusting your body and your heart.

From there there will be room to process traumatic experiences. Always from a loving and accepting attitude towards yourself and no longer from the desire to solve something from your head.

Sometimes a few sessions are sufficient and sometimes it takes longer to touch deeper pain. We always work together and from equality. This is how you get to know me as a person with his own life experiences. Experiences that I like to use in a professional way to promote your process towards recovery.

You can read more about art therapy & mindfulness on my website: www.praktijkbeelrijk.nl