Tabea Weimann

Originally I’m from Berlin, but I have lived most of my life in Oldenburg. In 2013 I moved to Groningen to study Art Therapy. After my studies I started working in psychiatric institutions. Currently I work for several clinics, treating clients with a various array of problems ranging from:  personality disorders, psychotic disorders, post traumatic stress disorders and addiction problems. On Fridays I work in my own practice, where I offer art therapy in German, English and Dutch.

Art therapy is a suitable method to get in touch with your own thoughts, feelings and actions in a safe and playful way. During therapy, artistic materials, tools and techniques (e.g. painting, drawing, clay, stone, wood or digital media) are used methodically to initiate a development process.  During the treatment you will be given art therapeutic exercises that help you work on your therapeutic goals. This way you can come into contact with your own emotions, learn to reflect in a different manner, gain novel insights and adapt your behavioral patterns. In the therapies I give, I attach great importance to an authentic attitude and to creating a trusting atmosphere. I find it important to connect the therapy with other therapeutic methods, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, schema therapy or Mentalization-Based-Treatment.