Tamara Koopal

Freelance Psychomotor therapist

After graduating from the ALO (Academy of Physical Education) I continued studying to become a psychomotor therapist (PMT). Meanwhile I have been working in forensic psychiatry for about 14 years and I work for a FACT team aimed at promoting mental capacity (MBT). I also work as an independent PMT there with various target groups.

What I often get back at the end of a treatment, is that the client has experienced the ‘contact’ as pleasant. This is therefore one of the most important components of my treatment: creating a safe setting in which we can search together for the strengths and complaints of the client in order to get started. Within PMT it is among other things about getting the connection between head and body back into balance, becoming aware of what is happening in the inner world (thoughts, feelings, body signals) but also understanding why he or she is acting the way he or she does. PMT is an experiential and practice-oriented therapy or a combination of talking and do. The focus is on recognizing one’s own behavioral patterns and practicing new (more adequate) behavior where desired.

As a person I have affinity with dancing and martial arts. Mainly the latter I like to use within the sessions. There is a lot to see and practice in these sessions (as in many other forms of movement) when it comes to, for example, feeling body signals, experiencing boundaries and adequately indicating them, becoming aware of tendencies and needs, practicing impulse control, letting go of control, recognizing and expressing emotions (emotion regulation), increasing resilience, learning to tolerate, aggression regulation, practicing social skills, etc. As a PMT you have a broad arsenal of practice forms, that’s why I like to look at and consult with the client himself what he or she has affinity with in order to possibly connect to that.

Recently attended courses:

  • Mentalizing Promotional Therapy
  • Schematic therapy for professional therapists
  • Boxing coaching
  • Systemic therapy for professional therapists
  • Aggression Regulation Training Tailor-made