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The disclaimer applies to this website. By using the website you agree with this disclaimer. If you do not agree with the content of this disclaimer, we kindly request that you immediately leave the website.



This website is the property of the company Empower Psychotherapie established at Herman Colleniusstraat 22, 9718 KT Groningen and registered in the Commercial Register under number 66184525, hereinafter called Empower.



This website does not provide psychological or medical advice. The information on this website is in no case a substitute for the information provided to a client by a psychologist or other healthcare provider. On this website you will get an indication of the waiting period. Accordingly, you cannot derive any rights from the waiting period. Empower takes the utmost care in creating, composing, editing and distributing the information on this website, but can in no way guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information. The information provided on or through the website and on websites linked to the website is not an offer or advice for a specific situation. The information included on this website is only indicative in nature and can be altered at any time without prior notice. It is not possible to derive rights from the information provided on the website. If you notice any information that is incorrect or incomplete, then please inform Empower.


No Liability

Empower and/or its subcontractors accept no liability for damage of any kind, irrespective of whether Empower has indicated the possibility of this damage to you, that results in any way from, but is not limited to viruses, defects or other imperfections in other equipment and other software with respect to the access to or use of the website, the alteration, interception or wrongful use of information sent to the user and/or Empower, the availability and/or operation of the website, abuse or incorrect or wrongful use of the website, loss or deformation of data, downloads or use of, for example, images, information and/or data of the website and/or third-party claims with respect to access or use of the website.


Third Parties

Purely for the purpose of information provision, the website can contain hyperlinks to websites that are offered and maintained by third parties and over which Empower has no control. Empower bears and accepts no responsibility or liability for the content or information provided through these other sources. Users connect to other sites at their own account and risk and are obliged to use such websites according to the conditions set to the use thereof. Displaying hyperlinks does not mean there is a partnership between Empower and the manager of those websites.



Empower does not guarantee that emails or other electronic messages sent are received and processed in time. For this reason, Empower does not accept liability for the consequences of not receiving or processing these messages or receiving or processing them too late.


Intellectual Property

Empower, or the right holder, reserves all rights including copyrights and trademark rights and/or other intellectual property rights regarding the content published on the website by Empower. This includes, among other things, texts, comparisons, illustrations, graphics, (trade) names, logos and brands. None of these rights transfer to visitors of the website. The website and all of its content can only be used for non-commercial (and internal) purposes. Visitors are not permitted to copy, multiply or distribute any information from the website or in any other way provide third parties with information from the website without Empower’s explicit written permission.


Applicable law

This website and the disclaimer are governed by Dutch law. All disputes resulting from or related to this disclaimer will exclusively be presented before the competent court in the Netherlands. If versions of the disclaimer in other languages contain discrepancies or lead to differences in interpretation, the Dutch version takes preference.



Empower is permitted to alter the information on the website including the text of this disclaimer at all times without prior notice. Empower recommends to regularly check if the information on the website has been altered.


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