Sometimes, people have ideas about (psycho)therapy that are incorrect. Below, you can read more about common misconceptions about therapy.


  • Psychotherapy is scary
    In our society, we are very focused on the external: it is mainly about being young, handsome and rich. Attention for the internal is minimal and often focused on happiness. This makes having feelings and looking at your inner self oftentimes scary. Nevertheless, we see that a client experiences it as a huge relief once he or she is done with a session. Our introductory meetings are non-committal and free of charge. If you feel that this is not the right place for you, then you are not obligated to do therapy with us or have to pay for anything.


  • You are who you are, therapy will not change this
    This statement assumes that people cannot change. However, if you simply look around you can see that this not correct; people change all the time. It is true that not everything can change or changes as drastically. A person changes behaviour more easily than she or he might change convictions and character. Psychotherapy helps you look at yourself in a more critical way, helps you to live with yourself and your past, to turn your difficult and negative sides into something positive and to regulate your emotions and feelings. This is what changes people.


  • Therapy is all about your childhood
    A lot of problems are the result of incorrectly taught behaviour or behaviour that has been developed as a reaction to a situation you had difficulty facing. That is why it is vital to gain an idea of your situation, family and upbringing during the therapy. Knowing where your behaviour comes from does not mean that you can see why you are still exhibiting this behaviour and what it gets you. The goal of the therapy is to alter your behaviour and to make it fit your current situation and needs.


  • Psychotherapy takes years!
    The duration of the therapy depends on the complexity of the symptoms and the intended goals. Prior to the therapy we will draw up a treatment plan together with the client that gives clarity to both the client and therapist on the upcoming process. The treatment plan clearly describes the treatment goals and the treatment process so both you and your therapist are clear on the route to take. It is possible that the therapy lasts longer than one year in exceptional cases.


  • Psychotherapy is for crazy people
    What is crazy and what is normal? It makes more sense to talk about behaviour, feelings or thoughts; what is bothering you or others? Psychotherapy aids you with matters that hamper your general functioning and limit you in your personal development. You will learn to look at yourself and are guided in lifting old barriers and discovering the world anew.


  • Therapy only has a temporary effect
    Psychotherapy only works if you really make an effort during, but also after the therapy has ended. Otherwise, it is possible that you will relapse into the problems you worked so hard to get rid of. That is why it is important to keep the things you learned during the therapy in mind. You will often see your symptom and everything linked very clearly during your therapy. Afterwards, this can become a bit muddled. This is a good thing, because if you constantly see things in high focus, then this could also be a burden.