What is PMT?
Psychological complaints and events affect the body. PMT (psychomotor therapy) focuses on body signals such as tension, breathing, body sensations and posture. Through body and movement-oriented methods, you reflect on (the origin of) feelings, thoughts and behaviour and how they affect your life.

Who is PMT suitable for?
The therapy helps, for example, with stress-related complaints, obstructive patterns such as difficulty feeling and indicating boundaries, trauma-related complaints and unexplained physical complaints.

What are the advantages of PMT?
Often you know what is going on, but you do not really feel it. There is little or no connection with the body. With PMT you get more contact with your whole body and your feelings. From the inside, you become aware of underlying emotions, needs and wishes. You feel what is needed to make positive changes and you gain more control over yourself and your life.

PMT is offered in our practice in Groningen as well as in our practice in Amsterdam.