Empower Psychotherapie is a small-scale practice that made a conscious decision to work in a non-contracted manner. The benefit is that the therapists have more freedom in their work methods. This allows them to tune the therapy to the client optimally and thus provide the best possible healthcare.

What type of healthcare do we provide? 

We provide Basic Mental Health Care (GB-GGZ) and Specialised Mental Health Care (G-GGZ) to a varied group of clients of which a large number speak a foreign language. We offer therapy in Dutch, German, English and Spanish (German and Spanish only in the practice in Groningen).


To whom do we provide healthcare?

To any adult living in The Netherlands. Clients with a healthcare insurance from another country, such as foreign students and expats, are welcome too.


Type of referral

We require a referral for every treatment process. You can send us a referral by post or by email. The referral letter must state that the patient has a (suspected) mental disorder as mentioned in the DSM and that it is a referral for Basic Mental Healthcare (GB-GGZ) or Specialised Mental Healthcare (G-GGZ). The letter will also have to contain the following:

  • date of referral
  • name and position of the referrer
  • the referrer’s AGB code, if the referrer is a Dutch healthcare professional
  • a stamp of the practice and/or signature of the referrer
  • the client’s data (name and address information and date of birth)


Contacting Empower

You can contact us via support@empower-pt.nl or +31 6 83665358.

If you would like to contact a specific person, please use the email address listed in their profile.

Our postal address is

Empower Psychotherapie B.V.
Herman Colleniusstraat 22
9718 KT Groningen
The Netherlands


Which problems do we treat?

Empower Psychotherapie offers support for, among other things:


Compulsive Behaviour

Sadness and depression

Trauma Counselling



Empower Psychotherapie’s therapists are trained to, among other things, perform these forms of therapy and therapy techniques:

» Cognitive behavioural therapy
» Person-centered therapy
» Group psychotherapy
» Individual therapy



Empower Psychotherapie cannot treat clients with: increased suicidality, addiction, acute psychotic states, severely aggressive behaviour or severe antisocial behaviour.