Empower Psychotherapie is a small-scale mental healthcare provider that made a conscious decision to work in a non-contracted manner.

This ensures that therapists have much more freedom in tailoring their therapy to the client and provide the best care. We provide basic mental health care (GB-GGZ) and specialized mental health care (G-GGZ) to a varied group of clients of which a large number speak a foreign language.


We currently have branches in Groningen and Amsterdam.


Clinical Psychologist (Amsterdam, 24-36 hours) https://www.komwerkeninzorgenwelzijn.nl/vacatures/v/q/v/36221/klinisch-psycholoog

Unsolicited Job Applications

We always welcome unsolicited applications. You can send your application to Irmi Lederer (i.lederer@empower-pt.nl). We require applicants to be fluent in Dutch, since our company language is Dutch. We consider proficiency in multiple languages to be a major advantage.

We unfortunately don’t offer internships.