What is running therapy?
Running therapy is the (therapeutic) use of a slow endurance run under the guidance of a running therapist as an additional form of treatment for people with psychological problems. It is a form of therapy in which you are physically active, but the effects will be mainly felt on a psychological level. It is primarily about running, finding the right running rhythm where talking is subordinate to running. Breathing is also a key factor. Better breathing means better blood circulation, which means more oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange. This makes you feel better mentally as well. It is not necessary to have experience with running because it is built up very slowly and the distance will increase during the therapy until a level of relaxed endurance running of at least half an hour is reached. Pleasure to be in motion is the most important thing!

For whom is running therapy suitable?
If you suffer from mood swings and/or depressive symptoms and you are in therapy at Empower Psychotherapy, running therapy may be a suitable addition for you. It is often difficult to motivate yourself to get moving when you have the above-mentioned symptoms. The thought of any form of exercise can be too much and running therapy can help you cross the threshold to start moving again.

What are the benefits of running therapy?

  • endurance sports stimulate the production of the substances endorphin dopamine and serotonin and reduce the stress hormone cortisol;
  • improvement of your condition which makes you feel physically fit and energetic, you have more strength which in turn contributes to a positive self-image;
  • your thoughts come to rest so that you experience more balance, worry less and sleep better;
  • reduction of anxiety symptoms and/or panic attacks.

Running therapy is only offered in our practice in Groningen.