Empower Psychotherapy uses a fixed step-by-step process. 

Below you can find the steps that you go through as a client.

Phase 1 Referral

We require a referral from a Dutch general practitioner for each client. This referral is required to claim the costs with your healthcare insurer after the therapy. The general practitioner’s referral letter must state that it is a referral for Basic Mental Healthcare (GB-GGZ) or Specialised Mental Healthcare (S-GGZ).

Phase 2 Introductory meeting

The first meeting is intended to mutually determine whether we are the right place for you and your issue. We will also see if there is mutual trust. If we are able to answer yes to both these matters, then we will register you as a client.

If you do not come to us at your own initiative for a non-committal meeting by applying via the website, but come to us through a direct referral from the general practitioner, then there will also first be an introductory meeting in which we mutually determine whether we are the right place for you and your issue and if there is mutual trust.

If both you and we can affirmatively answer both questions, we proceed to register you for therapy after a referral from your general practitioner has been obtained.

Phase 3 Intake

After the meeting, we will have intake sessions. During the intake sessions, your therapist will map out your issue and the underlying factors for the problem. The intake sessions will be the basis of the treatment plan and the overall therapy.

Phase 4 Draw up treatment plan

After the intake interview, we will draw up your treatment plan together. This plan contains the therapy goals and how we will achieve these goals with which forms of therapy.

Phase 5 Course of the therapy

Before therapy begins, we will discuss the intended course of the therapy with you. We will clearly indicate what you can expect from us, and what we expect from you. We will also schedule interim evaluations to see whether pre-determined goals need to be adjusted during the therapy.

Phase 6 Therapy

The therapy is the execution of the treatment plan. Every therapy process is different, because this plan is written specifically with you in mind and is tailored exactly to you and your problem.

Phase 7 Evaluation

Over the course of the therapy, we will have evaluation points in which we will evaluate the therapy and/or the pre-determined therapy goals. If necessary, we will also look at how we can prevent a possible relapse in the future.