Gloominess and sadness are a part of life. If you lose a loved one, or if a relationship ends or if things are just not working out right now, then you can often feel gloomy and sad. This is quite normal. However, if the sense of gloom lasts for a longer period of time and if it severely affects your day-to-day life, then it could also be a depression. If you are experiencing a depression, then you feel sad and bleak for the largest part of the day and you have lost interest in nearly everything.

There are various types of depression. Common types are: winter depression and postpartum depression. The likelihood of developing depression may be influenced by hereditary factors, but other forms appear because of over-exertion, a troubled childhood, or as a consequence of traumatic events. Often it helps to talk about it.

Do you often feel sad or depressed? 
Our therapists will gladly help you in your own language. Together with you, they will look for a solution with which you can deal with the problem yourself so your depression will no longer control your life. Apply here for a non-committal introductory meeting.