We work in a non-contracted way

As a healthcare provider, we have the option of entering into contracts with healthcare insurers. We chose not to do so. This is called ‘non-contracted healthcare’. We opted for this because it increases the quality of the therapy. Because the healthcare insurers cannot impose unnecessary additional requirements, we can fully focus our attention on you and the therapy. Read more about the benefits of non-contracted healthcare for you as a client. Note: Even though we work non-contracted, your healthcare provider still covers the costs of your therapy. Reimbursement for our therapy is included in the basic package of every Dutch healthcare insurance.

Benefits of non-contracted healthcare:

  • We can keep providing therapy to you for as long as is required, because your healthcare insurer cannot set a maximum therapy duration; the insurer cannot demand that we stop the therapy early.
  • You can always come to us as a new client, because your healthcare insurer cannot set a maximum number of clients.
  • Your healthcare insurer is not permitted to interfere with the intrinsic aspects of the therapy in any way. This is not necessary, either, because our therapists have studied to provide treatment for many years.
  • Due to the lack of interference from your healthcare insurer, the therapist will have more choice in the forms of therapy and different techniques, which means that the therapy can be better tuned to your needs!

Do you have questions about non-contracted healthcare or other matters?

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