What is music therapy?
Music therapy is an experience-oriented form of therapy in which the experiences of listening, playing or singing form the starting point for discussion.

While listening to music, you have probably had the experience that you were touched by it; that you felt understood by music, that your own feelings suddenly got meaning. In music therapy, this potential of music is gratefully used.

The patterns and feelings that emerge during playing or singing can be a clear mirror for you, through which you can learn to understand yourself better. You can also try out and experiment what happens and how it feels when you act differently: what does it do to you when, for example, you dare to express yourself more?

In music, all emotions are present and none is better than the other: music does not judge. That is enormously helpful during the therapy. Music can help you to finally let your tears flow and at the same time music can comfort you, make you happy or give you new energy.

 When can you benefit from music therapy?
– If you find it difficult to talk about personal things
– If you no longer know what you feel
– If you want to get to know yourself better
– If you want to practice to adopt something
– If you want to feel more at home in yourself

“The rhythm drew me more and more into the undulating movement of the music. Little by little I dared to let go until I was suddenly completely in the music and all fear disappeared. I felt enormous happiness and tons of energy!”

Music therapy is only offered in our practice in Groningen.