Group psychotherapy is psychotherapy in a group; a group generally consists of six to eight participants and is a highly effective form of therapy.

Group psychotherapy gives insight into what exactly is going on with you and what you yourself can do about it. In a group you will meet people with the same type of problems who understand you from their own experience and you will hear from others how they handle their problems. In group therapy all group members play an important role. Even though everyone works on their own problems, you learn so much through the contact and interaction with others. The way in which people react to things, what and how they let you know and how they deal with their problems. Because everyone is different, everyone also reacts differently, which makes this form of therapy a good learning experience.

At the moment group psychotherapy is only offered in our practice in Groningen.

Do you want to do therapy in a group?

Our therapists will gladly help you in your own language. Together with you, they will look for a solution with which you can deal with the problem yourself. Apply here for a non-committal introductory meeting.