Eva Tel

Secretary/ Runningtherapist

I grew up in a small village in the countryside of the province of Groningen and followed two studies in different directions in the city of Groningen.  I was trained as a management secretary. After this study I followed a second study Social Work. After these two studies, I lived and worked abroad for several years.

Since February 2020 I am (next to a secretary) also working as a Running therapist. From my own experience I know how good sport is for you and partly because of this I followed the course Running Therapy. The essence of Running Therapy is the use of running to  improve the  mental condition. For example:  When you suffer from somberness, lethargy, stress or other psychological complaints, running is good to structurally reduce these complaints. Scientific research convincingly shows that regular exercise is good for body and mind. It helps to improve your condition and to increase your self-confidence. Feelings of insecurity, anxiety and depression will decrease. Of course I will choose the most suitable routes for you and at the same time you can enjoy the outdoors and a piece of nature in the city of Groningen.

As a running coach/ running therapist I’d like to take the first step with you to let you experience the positive effects of running and exercise. You will notice that. by moving physical, everything comes into motion again.

In my spare time I regularly go cycling (besides running) through the Groningen countryside and recently I’ve started playing tennis again. Being active is doing me good! I also value family and friends very much and see them a lot.