Irene de Bel

Freelance dramatherapist

Do you want to find your strength through play? Then drama therapy might be a form of treatment for you. I have been working as a freelance drama therapist with Empower since November 2020. I work in Groningen from my own practice, called Praktijk Speelkracht – Dramatherapie Groningen, established in 2016.

Drama therapy is an experiential form of therapy in which thinking, feeling and acting come together. Through various theatre and play methods you get the opportunity to discover, explore and develop, giving you insight into your own thoughts, behaviour and feelings. Within drama therapy we work from an ‘as if’ situation, allowing you to practice with reality in complete safety.

From my own experience I offer support in mourning and loss. This can be the loss of a loved one, but also the loss of health or a situation that is no longer there, such as a divorce. In addition, in my practice I treat youth and adults with a psychological, emotional and/or social need for help. It may involve, for example:

– Gaining insight into one’s own behaviour, feelings and thoughts
– Depressive complaints or mood complaints
– Anxiety or panic complaints
– Overstimulation, for example by high sensitivity or the autism spectrum
– Overload, stress and burn-out
– Strengthening self-image and self-confidence