Maarten Jan den Heijer

Freelance psychomotor therapist

Who am I?
My name is Maarten Jan den Heijer (1983) and I work as a psychomotor therapist. In addition to my own practice, I have been working within the various fields of the specialist mental healthcare since 2009 and I work with clients who have personality problems, trauma-related complaints and a disturbed and/or negative body experience as a result of an eating disorder.

What is psychomotor therapy?
Psychomotor therapy is a form of therapy based on experience in which movement behaviour and body perception are central. Through sport and play, or body-oriented exercises, you can learn by doing to recognize, articulate and understand body signals, feelings and behavioural patterns. In this way you can practice to come to new experiences, insights and behaviour.

My method
As a psychomotor therapist, I find it important that clients feel safe and secure. I see this as a basic condition for deepening and personal development. When you work with me you get to know me as an enthusiastic, involved and transparent person. I enjoy my profession and I believe in the power of working in an experiential way.

After all, cycling has not been learned by talking about it, but by doing it – feeling it and thus understanding it.