Magriet Meijer


I grew up in the province of Groningen and studied Psychology at the University of Groningen. I chose the clinical direction of Master Brain and Behaviour.

I subsequently worked at GGZ Drenthe for a number of years. There, I gained experience with (neuro)psychological research, cognitive behavioural therapy and psycho-education, particularly in the treatment of psychotic complaints, anxiety complaints and depressive complaints.

After that I moved to Ecuador where I did research into the care during pregnancy, (traumatic) births and postpartum. I also worked for a number of socially involved organisations.

Living, working or studying abroad for longer periods of time brings with it a number of challenges. Through my time in Ecuador, Iceland and Spain, I have also gained personal experience with this.

In the treatment I strive to create a safe space in which we can explore together what is difficult to do, but certainly also where your strengths lie.

Cognitive behavioural therapy
Therapy in Dutch, English and Spanish