Marion Meijers


I grew up in Friesland and when I was eighteen I moved to Groningen to study Psychology, a master’s degree in Neuropsychology, which I completed in 2010. Beginning of 2022 I completed the post master’s programme in GZ-psychologist. I still live with my family in this fine city. After my studies, I often worked in the care of people with a mental handicap and additional psychiatric images. I have a lot of experience in adhesion problems, autism, personality problems and mood disorders. For a while I worked at an institution where many refugees were also received and counselled. There I studied the cultural differences and thought along with them when clients experienced many difficulties in participating in Dutch society.

I am a cheerful, positive person who communicates clearly, but with humour, from a strong sense of justice. I radiate peace, but I do not stand still. My aim during the treatment is to watch over someone’s shoulder and explore together where the path ahead lies. Occasionally I adjust or give a set in the right direction, but I assume that each person takes the steps at the pace that suits him or her.

I offer treatment in Dutch and English.

BIG-number: 19930635825