Grown up in the Groningen area, I inherited a number of things from the Groningen countryside; including a down-to-earth outlook on life and a pragmatic attitude. After first studying chemistry briefly, I discovered that I was missing something there. After a short search, I felt most attracted to psychology.
This suited me right from the start and my passion for it has only has only grown.
I have worked with a variety of problematics, including ASD, personality problems, mood disorders and trauma-related disorders.
I also worked in a forensic setting for a while.
In me as a therapist, you have someone who is naturally calm, gives you the space to your story, but who also works with you to stay focused on what is important. Together we create a framework to understand you in your entirety: both the fine and good things and the things you may prefer not to look at. The most important thing is that it becomes your framework, that you recognize yourself in it. From this framework, we can work on the things you are struggling with and give your life back the direction you want it to take.

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