Vivian Rhemrev

Clinical Psychologist

I was born in The Hague, raised in Friesland, and have studied in Groningen. After my studies I worked in (forensic) clinical psychiatry with patients with various problems such as addiction, personality problems, trauma, psychotic vulnerability and ASD. In this setting I have worked a lot with people with a different cultural background and I have gained experience with the struggles that a different cultural background can have in building an existence. I also worked in outpatient care with (young) adults who were struggling with identity questions and personality problems. I also gained further experience with eating problems, anxiety and mood problems, PTSD and study problems.

I was trained as a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist. Culture has always fascinated me, perhaps because of my Indonesian roots. How the – mostly – implicit norms and values of a culture can shape you, just like your family situation and the experiences you gain make you who you are. That’s why I find it important in therapy to pay attention to your life history. In this way we can understand together how you have developed certain patterns. I strive to guide you in a way that suits you personally. I am involved with my clients and will try to give you an accepted and familiar feeling, but I will also hold up the mirror and confront you where necessary.

BIG numbers: 69915639425 and 89915639416