Hello! My name is Litje and I work for Empower in Groningen since
December 2023. When you meet me, you might ask whether I come
from Asia. That’s right. I have my roots in China but I was born and I
grew up in The Netherlands. I wish I could say I am fluent in Chinese
but that is not true. During the years I lost it unfortunately. I speak
both Dutch and English. In my spare time I like eating good food,
attending dance/musical performances, and playing board/card

In my student life I travelled a lot and did (parts of) my studies in
Great Britain, Australia, and Sweden. Also, I did voluntary work in
India for several months. I therefore know how it is to be an
international student/expat and growing up in both the Dutch and
Chinese culture makes me a culturally sensitive, open-minded and
easily adapting person.

With this personal history along with my professional background in
clinical psychology I hope I can help you understand the struggles
you’re facing and attain some sense of control over them again. My
approach is very much like teaming up together and working our way
to gain insight in the development and maintenance of problems,
being positive, supportive, and confident that you can make the
difference if you decide to change behavior that is obstructing your
happiness. It may sound cliche but I really believe that the key is in
your own hands and I am ready to discover that together with you.
Are you?