Friederike Hahn


I was born and raised in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Already as a teenager, I fancied the idea to live and study abroad. Being able to realize this wish, I moved to Groningen for my bachelor’s and master’s studies in clinical psychology.
In my studies, I learned cognitive behavioral therapy contents and techniques, which I use a lot in clinical practice. Furthermore, I also like to use techniques from many other approaches like client-centered approaches, or ACT approaches,  if appropriate for you.
In therapy, it is essential to me that we work together. We create a room in which you have the opportunity to come to terms with yourself. Considering your life story, your perspective, and your person, we then try to rearrange the room so that it brings you closer to your ideal self. For this to be successful, you are the main actor. You determine the theme (how the room should look like), and your collaboration and your own work determines the pace. My role in this is to support you in this rearrangement, for instance, by making you aware of other perspectives, challenging you if necessary, and highlighting your strengths.
I give therapy in German, English and Dutch.