Sanne Iedema


As a true Frisian, I grew up in a small village in the Frisian countryside. With its own language, values and mentality. My ‘journey’ to Groningen may be less far-reaching than that of some Empower clients, but it has taught me how much a change of scenery or of the people and expectations around you sometimes takes getting used to. If you encounter problems and sign up with Empower, the journey you have made up to now is what I would like to explore together; where did you grow up, who was important to you, who or what have you missed, what did you learn in the past and how did that shape you, and finally, what events have brought you (further) out of balance? During the therapy, contact is the basis for me, therefore I will try to offer you a safe place where you dare (learn) to be honest and open about struggles, possible painful issues and/or difficult patterns. I am
involved and listen to you, but when necessary I will also alert you to pitfalls that you might not (yet) see. On your part, therapy requires courage to do and think differently and intrinsic motivation to want to invest in your own process and growth, even in difficult moments. Therapy is serious, but a little humor now and then cannot hurt in my opinion.

Together we look at which therapy best suits you and your complaints. Sometimes treatments can be short term, sometimes they require more time. I use cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR, schema (group) therapy and client centered therapy. In 2008 I graduated from the RUG as a remedial
educationalist and from that study I also pay attention to the system around you, where necessary.

After several years of work experience in forensic psychiatry, where I worked with clients with personality, developmental and addiction problems, among others, I completed the post master training to become a GZ psychologist in 2019. After that, I worked at a forensic outpatient clinic for a
while, where I gained further work experience in working with clients with trauma, anxiety and mood problems.

I provide therapy in Dutch and English.

BIG number: 99925810525