Note 1: if you only have a foreign healthcare insurance with an EHIC card, and no Dutch insurance nor a Dutch source of income, your therapy will be fully covered by your foreign insurer and you do not need to read further. If you have multiple insurances, please contact us at

Note 2: Empower cannot advise you on the best insurance to take out. The information on this page is intended only to inform you about the reimbursements and conditions of various insurances, after which you can make an informed choice which insurance is best for you.

Our therapy is covered by the basic package of your health insurance. There is no need for additional insurance for psychotherapy.

Empower has no contracts with healthcare insurers. This means that not every insurance will fully reimburse our therapy. The insurances that fully reimburse our therapy are called “restitutie”-insurances.

Below is the only “restitutie”-insurance that we accept for new clients for 2024:

Menzis Basis Vrij (€ 161.75 / month)
With Menzis you have to submit the invoices yourself.

Are you considering taking out insurance other than the one listed above? If so, please contact us so that we can inform you about the reimbursement for our therapy.

Price difference
“Restitutie” insurances are often slightly more expensive than other health insurances. However, in the case of other insurances (“natura” insurance or “combinatie” insurance) your insurer will only reimburse a part of our invoice. In almost all cases, a restitution insurance will ultimately cost you less because your insurer reimburses our invoice fully.

Mandatory excess / eigen risico
Note: you will always be charged for the mandatory excess of €385, regardless of whether you choose a “restitutie” insurance, “natura” insurance or “combinatie” insurance. It also makes no difference for the mandatory excess whether you are treated at Empower, or at a healthcare provider that does have a contract with your insurers.

Unfortunately, we will no longer accept these insurers for new clients, regardless of which of their insurance you have:
These insurers have a so-called authorization requirement. This means that we have to apply in advance for permission to treat. We are a small healthcare provider and do not have the possibilities to fulfill this additional administrative requirement of insurers.

Eucare Aevitae
Aon ICS Start, ICS Start+, ICS Complete, of Aon Go Study Abroad
De Amersfoortse
a.s.r. Ditzo
IZZ door CZ
OOM Verzekeringen
Stad Holland
Zorg en Zekerheid
Foreign insurers that do not issue EHIC or GHIC cards